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My Name is

Sophie Fischer

Hey there, I am an Award-Winning Designer with a focus on games. 

During my Studies and Career, I worked on over Fifteen different games and a variety of different creative projects, with non-profits, researchers and companies. Winning design awards, scolarships and organising funding along the way. 

These experiences help to guide my judgement at my work as a lector for the WDR, contributing to concepts that are in line to become the next TV series and films in Germany.

When it comes to game design, I've done it all - 2D, 3D, mobile, and even VR. Though my biggest passion is creating imersive worlds in Unreal. For my Academic successes: I finished my bachelor thesis in design with a 1.0.  and in the Process of finishing my Master's likewise.


So that's who I am. Nice to meet you. Say hello and maybe in the next creative journey we'll work together. 


Januar 23 - Today

April 2022 - Today

April 2022 - April 2023

April 2022 - April 2023

Flugmission Großregion

Design and development of the project Flugmission Großregion, a children's game about Europe, which is financed by the State Chancellery RLP and the Media Funding Rhineland-Palatinate.


As a freelance editor at WDR, I read series and film concepts, exposes and scripts, and give an overview of the project. I also give an assessment of the themes, potential and weaknesses of the work.


a mobile games and media solutions company specialized in gamification. As an art generalist I had various tasks including Ux/Ui design, VFX and animations.


Tabiri is a research project in which I worked as a UX/UI designer. Here I developed an interactive experience with experts from medicine and epidemiology, as well as computer science and human-computer interaction.


March 21- October 23

October 17 -  September 20

january 17 -  April 17

january 2004-  April 16

Master Intermedia design

master intermedia design focuses on independent and complex creative projects with media in focus.

Bachelor Intermedia Design
A practice-oriented degree in media design, specializing in video games.

Kanal 21

An internship in a local and public broadcaster specializing in education and community participation.

Grabbe Gymnasium Trier

Completed with A-levels (Abitur)


Sizeable Projekts

Jams & short term projects

Glowing Globe

Neobirds: undisclosed

Dream of Babylon

Loop Hero


Going Home


Lonley Robot

10 Little Lemings

going home



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