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The Library Game

A Solodev Project, that I startet as my bachelor Thesis, but developed into a indigame.

Screenshot 2023-08-17 201801.png

The heart


Libary game is a story adventure in which you immerse yourself in different books. Meanwhile, you experience a story about family, pressure to perform and forgiveness. The game consists of three different mini-levels.

Design & Development


I paid special attention to the environment design of the game. It is representative of a magical and imaginative world of books and literature. The different minilevels mechanically offer the feeling of the works they represent.

Sophie_Fischer_Playthrough_Beachlor_the_Libary Kopieren 01.00_00_29_10.Standbild008.png

Indi Game

Release and Publication

Libary is a soloved project of mine in the Unreal engine. At this moment the game is a completed experience that is in the process of being released. It will be a small release as an indi game.

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