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There is simplicity in beauty but beauty is not simple. Everything that moves us means something to us, tells us a story about our very selves. For me everything I create is but a story. In my games this story is told not only through dialog, but through environment, characters and of course mechanics.

Welcome to my site,

Sophie  Fischer




Ausgewählte Projekte

game About Light

Glowing Globe

A short 3D puzzle game in which the main character can throw balls of light and solve riddles.

a game about a Library

The Library Game

A 3D game in which you travel in books and solve mini-games.
It is a solodev project developed with unreal

Hautkrebs Informations App


The Tabiri App uses gamification and other means to give Users an   understanding of the topic of skin cancer, but approach the topic with empathy

Erinnerlicht Shoah


A memorial installation for the victims of the Shoah.
In which viewers can participate, with accompanying website and social media.

Drag Princess

The Drag Princess

A short animated film & game protype about heartbreak, in which a drag queen falls in love with the goddess of death.



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